Eco-Friendly Machinery in a Pandemic

A Sustainable Foot Forwards

It’s been a tough year for everyone, COVID-19 has hit businesses in a way that we never thought possible and has caused a U-turn in many of our everyday lives. We know first-hand how the pandemic has caused businesses to struggle and even more so the importance of overcoming, adapting and innovating to survive. 

Whilst we wouldn’t have thought we’d be making any big investments this year, the ever-growing concern for the environment has caused us to re-evaluate the way we run as a printing company, for quite some time now.

For the last three years, Hollywood Monster has actively been committed to putting sustainability right at the heart of its business ethos. That is why this year we decided to commit ourselves more and make a big investment into an eco-friendly machine which will help us to grow nearer to our ultimate goal of being a fully sustainable printing company.

Investing in Sustainable Printing

It may seem risky, but bravery and wise investments will be at the forefront for all businesses post-covid. There is a great need in the current climate to adapt to the ever-changing environment and innovate to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

We know that this is an investment well worth making and one that will more than pay off long term. It will help us to decrease our own carbon footprint and that of our customers whilst reducing the amount of waste in the supply chain.

We want to pass this best practice onto our amazing customers, clients and brands too, to help them make the right choices for their business and for Mother Earth. Together, we can work more efficiently and less harmfully.

Eco-Friendly Machine

The sustainable machine in question is the 18m Fiab high-frequency track welder and automatic plastic eyeletter. This welder print machine uses recycled plastic and will be a game-changer in our journey to becoming fully sustainable. There is also an energy-saving system and ‘stand by’ option on the machine to make it even more environmentally friendly. 

This welder is an updated version of those before it, with a higher frequency that allows us to perfectly weld and finish our all-new sustainable range, including PVC free material. Together, these new machines will help us to diversify as we shift our material from PVC based products to eco-friendly textiles and PVC free materials and products.

Printing Innovation

This welding machine specialises in finishing non-plastic, PVC free and eco-friendly material, which is why it was such an important investment for us as a sustainable printing company. It is a huge innovation in the industry and opens the door to many more sustainable possibilities. It also increases our capacity here at Hollywood Monster, meaning our range of services is even more accessible. 

Since launching our Kavalan range, it has been widely accepted in the market that we need to invest in printing machinery that supports our range of products and in turn. It provides confidence in our sustainable range alongside our promise to become a fully sustainable company by 2022. 

Our adaptations will allow us to provide a wide range of sustainable products and services, including:

A Sustainable Printing Company

We are proud of our reputation as an eco-responsible pioneer within the UK’s digital wide-format print and signage market. Managing to diversify ourselves during a difficult year of pandemic and closures has been a huge achievement for us here at Hollywood Monster. We are thrilled to have won new contracts using sustainable materials and being a trailblazer for environmentally friendly methods. 

Interested in our services or want to find out more about our sustainability? Get in touch with Hollywood Monster today and we will be delighted to help.