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Building wraps are a large form of outdoor advertising that allow for showcasing promotions, messaging and campaigns in a unique way. They are a high impact form of outdoor advertising, with the possibilities and options for graphic displays varying widely. From redevelopment and renovation of buildings to arenas and conference events, the size and scale of wrap graphics brings instant impact to any environment.

Building Wrap Graphics

Building wraps allow companies to surround an entire building from the top to the bottom with integrated graphics that create a bold message. They can be useful tools for hiding constructions projects, allowing for advertising for the new space whilst hiding unsightly works that take place.

Graphic design options are endless when it comes to building wraps, providing a medium to advertise that is practically unmissable for passers-by. Creativity can run loose when it comes to building graphics and this is where Hollywood Monster can help. We have a team of dedicated, passionate and creative designers that can help bring ideas to life and transform spaces.

Building Wrap Advertising

Building wrap banners are a great way to advertise outdoors with impact, particularly because of the scale of the graphics. When it comes to advertising, size definitely matters and when it comes to building wraps, bigger is better. They have several uses including:

  • Sharing useful information
  • Retaining building sites
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Showcasing the building underneath
  • Promoting upcoming events

Many companies choose to install building wraps because of their versatility, sustainability, durability and professional appearance. They offer a much more streamlined, affordable, and smarter solution than traditional advertising alternatives on construction sites.

Read our Hoarding & Building Wraps PDF.

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Advantages of Building Wraps

Building wraps are the perfect solution for construction sites and act as a form of camouflage, advertising and promotion. They have many advantages with their multi-purpose nature.

As well as promoting campaigns, practically building wraps act as a barrier for workers inside the project. They can help to reduce the spread of dust and other debris that might otherwise be released, conceal projects from the public, and mean that views of the new buildings can be kept to a minimum. Meanwhile, they generate engagement with the public and pique their interest in upcoming releases.

If construction sites or projects take a long period of time, building wraps are proven to stand the test of time. Their graphics don’t quickly fade and so can be implemented as a long term signage solution.

Building Wrap Banner Experts

We are the experts when it comes to building wraps. We use our knowledge, vast experience and confidence to push the boundaries of what is possible with large format printing and displays.

Hollywood Monster are proud to be building wrap experts as well as eco-responsible sustainable signage pioneers within the UK’s digital wide-format print market. Our building wraps created with our stunning large format print technology create the impact needed to stand out from an already busy advertising landscape. We can work with you right from the concept to the final installation, bringing your visions to a real-life platform and promoting your brand with monster impact. Our team builds products that fit brand messaging and appeal to both new and repeat customers.

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