About Hollywood Monster

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Hollywood Monster are the largest wide format printing and signage contractor in Birmingham, with contracts all throughout the UK.

We are a bold and creative Birmingham signage and graphic display company that delivers Monster Impact for businesses worldwide to make them stand out. How do we make bold, creative signage and graphics? Well, our team always go above and beyond expectations.

We never settle for ordinary or okay, we strive for awesome. Our passion, imagination and teamwork allow you to get the results you need. We are all about big impact, bold advertising and building partnerships. We create Signage and Graphic Displays with #MonsterImpact.

Hollywood Monster Factory Inside

Hollywood Monster was officially born in 2009 with the merger of two sister companies Hollywood Signs and Monster Digital

We have a history and legacy within the signage, graphics and printing world that stretches back over 25 years, combining a total of 30 years of experience. It’s a story based on two families and businesses coming together and changing the way signage and graphics are used.

We use our knowledge and confidence to push the boundaries of signage and graphics for businesses in the construction, retail, development and events industries.

No matter what kind of project we work on, we treat everyone the same and pride ourselves on giving everyone the full Hollywood Monster experience.

We’re a bold company that delivers awesome and engaging projects. We are the difference between okay and awesome! Our confidence isn’t based on ego. It’s been enhanced over time after delivering big results time and time again for our clients.

Why are we so confident in our own abilities? It’s because we work hard together and have developed a team of skilled experts who have been with us since Hollywood Monster was born.

Make the World
A better place

Little by little, all the time, in ever changing ways. For more than 30 years, we have done and made everything according to the same principles: Longevity and sustainability.

Our Technology
Our People
Make us

We bring together exceptional strategic thinkers and project managers to life our clients’ experiences to the highest level of quality and creativity.

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Our experts are on hand for advice, technical enquiries and estimates.