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Our Aim is to be Fully Sustainable by 2022

For the last three years, Hollywood Monster has actively been committed to putting sustainability right at the heart of its business ethos. We have researched, sourced, tested and engaged with new, innovative suppliers to help us replace the majority of our materials with viable, eco-friendly alternatives.

We have decreased our own carbon footprint and that of our customers whilst reducing the amount of waste in the supply chain.

We are proud of our reputation as an eco-responsible pioneer within the UK’s digital wide-format print and signage market.

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Our Story

Hollywood Monster was officially born in 2009 but we have a history and legacy within the signage, graphics and printing world that spans nearly three decades. It’s a story based on two families and businesses coming together to change the way signage and graphics are used, not just signage in Birmingham and London, but throughout the UK.

We use our knowledge and experience to push the boundaries of signage and graphic displays for businesses in the construction, corporate, retail, development and events industries. Regardless of a project’s size and scale, we treat all clients equally and pride ourselves on giving everyone the fully Hollywood Monster experience.

We’re a bold company that delivers engaging and impactful projects. We are the difference between ordinary and exceptional. We work hard together and have developed a team of skilled experts who have been with us since Hollywood Monster was born. We understand that to be the best, you. have to have the right people around you.

Anything is possible if you believe

Our success isn’t a result of our confidence. It’s a result of our beliefs and hard work.


We have a fun working environment. Being friendly, honest and communicating openly is important to us. We know there is a time to be business-like but we also understand that having a bright and fun place to work drives us to achieve.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we’re always up for taking on new challenges.


Creativity runs through our business, from top to bottom across every department. It is an integral part of Hollywood Monster and allows us to push boundaries and come up with innovative solutions. If we’re creatively able to do something, we will do it.


We care about people internally and externally. We treat everyone equally and always take a personal and proactive approach. We’re the Hollywood Monster family and we support and look after one another. If someone is struggling, we won’t give up on them, instead we work together to find a solution.

Add Value

We strive to provide quality in everything we do, we add value and always leave a lasting impression.

We invest in people to help the business grow, ensuring that people are in the right roles for them to shine. If somebody wants the opportunity to explore a new role, we’ll encourage them and support their evolution.

Together We can Do so Much

It’s not about producing one sign or a graphic for our partners and clients; it’s about creating a legacy of remarkable signs and graphics that deliver results.

We are all about big signs, bold advertising and building partnerships.

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