Tension Fabric Display

Graphics, Backdrops and Large Space Fabric Display Structures

Tension Fabric Display

Tension fabric systems allow for the simple creation of large scale graphic displays, backdrop areas and space structures. Set apart by its simplicity, and as robust as it is versatile, tension fabric systems allow for the simple creation of large scale graphic displays, backdrop areas and space structures for a vast range of event and exhibition applications.

Combining tension graphics and precision-engineered aluminium frames, the tension fabric system is a modular display solution that adapts to changing needs. Available in multiple depths, the system can be tailored to meet your requirements and floor space, and can even be used to create ceiling hung displays.

Modular Display Systems

Combining a comprehensive range of extruded aluminium profiles, connectors, tension fabric graphics, LED lightboxes and accessories. Modular exhibition stands consist of hundreds of individual elements, offering a virtually endless amount of options – limited only by the imagination of your designer. What’s more, these modular systems can also be reconfigured and used time and time again, lowering the overall cost of exhibiting.

Tension Fabric Graphics

Tension Fabric System allows for the insertion of bespoke graphics with silicone edging that stretches across the surface of the frame, leaving no creases.

Reliable Fabric Displays

Unique, dual plate connectors distribute the mechanical loads of TFS at the frame corners, ensuring the frame stays rigid and the angle consistent at all times.

Capable Tension Fabric

CNC technology and aluminium bending machinery ensure your display is built to exact requirements.

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