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First printer in the UK to ban traditional PVC banner material

As a wide format printer handling thousands of metres of PVC banners each week, we are committed to improving our Sustainability. For the last three years, Hollywood Monster has actively been committed to putting sustainability right at the heart of its business ethos. We have researched, sourced, tested and engaged with new, innovative suppliers to help us replace the majority of our materials with viable, eco-friendly technology and material alternatives.

  • Climate change awareness has escalated to a new level and this critical concern is now dominating the mainstream.
  • We have decreased our own carbon footprint and that of our customers whilst reducing the amount of waste in the supply chain.
  • We want to pass this best practice onto customers, clients and brands to help them make the right choices for their business and for Mother Earth.
  • We are proud of our reputation as an eco-responsible pioneer within the UK’s digital wide-format print and signage market.

Read more about our sustainable printing on our PDF

Our aim is to be fully Sustainable by 2022

Our Kavalan Range

The Kavalan range is PVC free and 100% clean, it has the same look, feel and quality as PVC and can also be welded. Incinerating just ONE 3.2m roll of Kavalan can generate enough energy to power an iPhone for over 5 years. Kavalan weighs 50% less significantly reducing carbon emissions in transportation.

  • Sunlight – If 1000sqm of Frontlit / Backlit PVC was replaced by Sunlight, it would save the greenhouse gas emissions created by one economy seat between London and New York.
  • Spiderweb – If 1000 sqm of Mesh PVC was replaced by Spiderweb, it would save the lives of 4000 medium-sized freshwater fish.
  • Butterfly – If the entire sales of Blockout PVC banner equivalent in Europe in 2018 were replaced by Butterfly, it could have saved enough fossil fuel for 75 Apollo missions to the moon and back.

Our UFabrik Range

This really is a game changer in our industry – UFabrik is manufactured from plastic bottles, which are then cleaned, sorted and shredded into flakes, these are then converted into pellets which are melted into extruded fibres, these fibres are then spun into yarn – that when woven forms the unique substrate of the UFabrik range.

  • Fully Sustainable
  • Reusable & Recyclable
  • Perfect for one piece wall coverings, hanging banners, display frames, canvas prints and eco walls
  • Available up to 3.1m wide

Westfield Bridge

After Successful trials we have found the perfect ECO alternative for this campaign. Our production and installation team worked around the clock to create this MONSTER hoarding measuring 240m x 4.5m. All produced on our new fully sustainable range of signage materials, with water based coatings and ZERO PVC content.

  • Fully recyclable
  • Fully Sustainable
  • Water Based Coating
  • Zero PVC content

Environmentally Friendly Machines

We have recently invested in a 3.4m wide EFI VUTEk FabriVU inline dye-sublimation digital printer. Featuring water-based inks, it allows us to print on a range of uncoated materials, opening the door to a vast and eco-friendly world. This joins our EFI VUTEk 5r, a 5m LED roll-to-roll printer installed in 2017 with the help of a £97,000 grant awarded by several bodies including the Greenbridge Supply Chain Programme to back our investment into sustainability.

  • It can print directly on to uncoated surfaces, thereby greatly increasing the biodegradability
  • It has the ability to use substantially thinner material, reducing the amount of product going to landfill by over 30%
  • The VUTEK 5r runs at c2kw/hr, whereas the previous equivalent ran at 10kw/hr reducing carbon emissions by 80% (approximately 24 tonnes p.a)
  • A standard UV printer uses consumable parts with toxic metals (mercury) the EFI VUTEK 5r uses LED curing which uses 30% of the electric footprint of a standard UV printer.
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