Hollywood Monster says NO to PVC Materials!

Birmingham-based printing company wholeheartedly declares for Kavalan

Hollywood Monster becomes the first Printing company in the world to ban traditional PVC for all its banner work

Hollywood Monster has become the first print service provider in the world to formally reject the use of traditional PVC banner. 

From March 1st all the company’s internal and external banner work will be output using PVC-free Kavalan from CMYUK. This wholescale migration represents a volume of around 350,000 sq.m based on pre-COVID normal year output.  

PVC banner is obsolete

Hollywood Monster has long been searching for an alternative to PVC and has worked closely with CMYUK in the testing of Kavalan prior to its official UK launch last year. 

Simon McKenzie, Managing Director at Hollywood Monster said, “We have immense confidence and trust in this product. We have been testing and championing it for over a year, and now is the time to make a change. Many of our clients have been asking for a viable alternative to PVC, and they trust us to deliver.

“Cost-wise too, it’s making sense, and economies of scale will rapidly turn Kavalan into a cost-neutral exercise. It is the right thing to do, and we are delighted to be leading the way into becoming fully sustainable. 

Certified and Guaranteed Printing

Kavalan meets all the required safety and strength standards as well as having stringent eco accreditation. However, in addition, CMYUK has partnered with Howe to Recycle to ensure that Kavalan ends up as a 100% recycled product, avoiding the possibility of it being dumped into landfill. 

“We feel that the end-of-life guarantee from CMYUK is the final piece of the jigsaw,” says Simon. “There’s nothing worse in making the commitment to green materials to find out that behind the scenes the waste disposal element is not what you thought. Kavalan was developed as a waste-to-energy material, so it can be incinerated safely and without harm to be transformed into clean energy for the National Grid. CMYUK has also announced a partnership with Howe to Recycle whereby Kavalan will also be recycled into second-life products.” 

Proud to Pioneer 

The adoption of Kavalan confirms Hollywood Monster’s resolute and active commitment to eco-friendly material alternatives. “We have made it a priority to put sustainability right at the heart of our business. Not only are we working with CMYUK to help us replace our traditional materials with the most advanced eco-materials currently on the market today, but we have also decreased our own carbon footprint, and that of our customers whilst reducing the amount of waste in the supply chain,” says Simon.  “We are proud of our growing reputation as eco-pioneers within the digital wide format printing industry.” 

For more information contact Simon 07779 268 027 or email simon.mckenzie@hollywoodmonster.co.uk