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Our Game Changing PVC Banner replacement has arrived!

By Hollywood Monster

August 27th 2020

Most brand owners are unaware of the damage their advertising can cause….In 2018, approximately 340 million square metres of PVC banner material were printed – that’s enough to cover Wembley Stadium 4200 times! The majority of this ends up in landfill or is incinerated releasing poisonous emissions harming the planet and endangering human health.

Hollywood Monster are constantly looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint with the aim to be fully sustainable by 2022. Here is our latest Eco-friendly product, Kavalan – giving you an alternative to PVC.

Kavalan is the market’s first viable eco-responsible replacement to traditional PVC banner material.

  • Kavalan has the strength of PVC whilst offering the same visual appearance as PVC.
  • Kavalan not only welds like PVC but it is also available at a comparable price point.
  • Kavalan is designed for eco-responsible waste-to-energy disposal. Its emissions are hundreds of times lower than PVC and are well below the minimum safety levels issued by EU guidelines.
  • B1 and EN13501-1 fire ratings. EN-71, 33P, ROHS and REACH approved.
  • It weighs 50% less than PVC significantly reducing carbon emissions when transported.

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