The Benefits of Vehicle Livery Graphics

By Brad Davies

April 28th 2016

Vehicle livery allows you to take your brand on the road; providing a great first impression of your business to potential customers.  Our vehicle graphics allow you to be creative with your branding, the more eye catching the better we say and with the use of durable and flexible vinyl film, your design has a seamless and vibrant look.

Still unsure? Here’s three ways vehicle livery can help you business:

Brand Promotion – Vehicle graphics not only strengthen your brand identity and association, but make your fleet stand out on the road, giving you marketing opportunities when you least expect them.

Cost Effective Advertising – Did you know that your vehicle is seen by roughly 3,000 people per day?  That’s 3,000 pairs of eyes on your branding and 3,000 potential customers.  If you add in the fact that vehicle graphics last years and do the maths, vehicle livery is the most cost effective marketing you can do!

Protecting Your Vehicle – All vehicles suffer damage through daily wear and tear, but your vehicle graphic adds an extra layer of protection, allowing your vehicle to stay looking newer for longer. Protection and exposure in one monster graphic.

While most businesses can benefit from vehicle livery, there are a number of markets that we believe simply can’t do without it:

Food Trucks

Branding is everything for food trucks: if your truck doesn’t look appetising and eye catching, it can be hard to draw customers in, no matter how good your food is!  Think big, think bold, think monster…..

Online Only Businesses

If your business is online only it can be hard to stand out in the search engines, so you need to make sure you can spread the word offline as well as online.  With vehicle graphics, potential customers can get to know your brand, helping your online conversion.


It’s known that tradesmen get most of their work through word of mouth and recommendations, so you need to make sure that your clients know who you are and how to get in contact with you.  Not only this, having branding on your vehicles can increase trust and confidence in your brand; resulting in more custom.

Takeaways & Deliveries

Takeaway & delivery drivers are constantly on the move, so in having your branding and contact details on the vehicle, you’ll have the eyeballs of a large number of people on a daily basis.

We’ve supported a number of companies with their vehicle livery from Stoke City Football Club, University College Birmingham and Westfield to Bovis Homes.  Should you have any questions then please contact us.