Retail Signage Checklist

By Brad Davies

October 3rd 2016

Signage is important. Effective signage can bring customers into the store, introduce them to new products, and alert them of current promotions. For retailers in particular, signage is your most powerful tool for drawing in consumers. Strong, clear and creative signs reflect the qualities needed to produce a visually pleasing and eye catching display. According to Small Business Bonfire, 8/10 customers walked into a store because of an attractive sign.

Quality retail signage is an easy and effective way to drive traffic  into your store, your marketing efforts could be lost in an instant if your storefront does not live up to customer expectations. We have provided some general best practices that you should keep in mind when thinking about your retail store layout and signage.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signage is the most important – in particular for retailers as it’s the first impression customers will have of your business. A great outdoor sign has the ability to capture customer’s interest enough for them to read it. Outdoor signage can take the form of entrance signs, window signs or street signs. It is important to ensure all signage is branded effectively to convey your brand’s personality. Entrance signs should be clear and well – maintained, to create a positive customer experience as they approach your store front.


Colour is particularly important for your brand. This is because it increases brand recognition by up to 80%. Colour helps to stimulate both memory and association, we are able to identify bold colours more than black and white images as they are more engaging and attract our attention. Using contrasting colours for the front and background is likely to be much more visible than backgrounds and texts which are similar colours.


Your sign needs to readable and large enough from a customer’s viewing point. Clear font characters are much more likely to attract the customers attention than curly or multi- coloured fonts, as this can appear distracting. If a customer is unable to read your sign quickly then they are likely to walk past it. A great tip to remember is the 5-second rule, if you can convey the key theme of the sign in less than 5 seconds, your sign is legible.

Informational signage

Information signage can include department, directional and service signage. This type of signage is great for navigating your customers around your store easily.  These signs are particular useful for store layout, as it allows you to arrange your store in an orderly flow. Customers rely on convenience, and therefore do not want to waste their leisurely time looking around.

Best Retail Signage Practices:

  • Make sure your signage is specific, include product relevant details only.
  • Keep your signage simple, too much information can be off-putting and customers are likely to ignore it.
  • Consider using a call to action –  this will get your customers engaged and spark interest.

Is your brand ticking all the boxes? If you want to know how  retail signage can help your brand then contact our experts today.