5 Benefits of Window Graphics

Window graphics are an effective way to showcase your business campaigns, creating instant impact and allowing a platform from which to show off what you do best.

Hollywood Monster has helped hundreds of businesses to effectively promote their brand through window graphics and window displays. We help through every step of the process, from initial design to final installation. There are so many reasons to use window graphics, promoting your brand being one of the most significant.

Raise Brand Awareness

When you look to market your product and business, it isn’t always with the soul intention of generating an immediate sale. Often raising general brand awareness can be just as important. If people don’t know and trust your brand, they won’t talk about you or to be blunt, even remember that you exist.

Your brand is more than just a name, it is your values, your services, slogans, logos and so much more. Window graphics are the perfect way to display all of this, allowing for room to include everything that you want to promote.

Why have a plain window display when you can have a creative one? We are all about making monster impact here at Hollywood Monster and our window displays and graphics achieve this with ease.

Promote Sales and Events

Alongside raising brand awareness, if you are running any promotions, sales or events, window graphics are the place to catch your audience’s attention and draw them into what you have on offer.

We’ve all been there, you walk past a shop front that has ‘clearance sale’ displayed in the window and it’s hard not to be tempted in. Bright colours, bold graphics and memorable slogans all help to display promotions in the most effective way.

Efficient and Inexpensive

Compared to other marketing channels, display window graphics can be a very inexpensive but effective way to market your business. Cost effective advertising really boils down to making the highest return on investment as possible, which window displays tie in very nicely with.

Displaying window graphics in a space that you already own means you don’t have to pay for additional advertising costs that might be involved with advertising in different locations. Even better, there are no ongoing costs associated with window graphics. Once you have installed your display, any business made from it is profit (unlike other marketing that involves ongoing fees and amendments).

Tie Into Marketing Channels

Talking of other forms of marketing, window graphics can also be a great platform from which to promote them, especially when it comes to digital. On a basic level, think hashtags, handles, imagery and graphics… if you want to generate more of a following online, your window graphics are the place to share them. Other ways to incorporate your digital marketing into your window displays include:

Direct Customers

On a practical level, window graphics are one of the most effective ways to send customers in the right direction around your premises. Directional and wayfinding signage is one of our specialisms at Hollywood Monster and window displays very much come into this.

A shop front will often be your customers first impression of your business and how they perceive what you offer. If you are offering convenience, it’s bound to make a pretty good impression. Whether you are a shop, office or event venue, window graphics are the perfect place to help your audience know where to navigate the building at the same time as showcasing your brand and creativity.

Create Window Displays with Hollywood Monster

Hollywood Monster can help to create amazing and memorable window display graphics for your business. We have a history and legacy within the signage, graphics and printing world that stretches back over 25 years, so you know you are in safe hands.

Our portfolio of window displays includes exciting projects for large retail stores, universities and restaurants. If you are looking for window display graphics with big impact, get in touch with the team at Hollywood Monster today.