Events and Exhibition Signage

By Brad Davies

November 3rd 2016

Events and Exhibitions are all about standing out and making an impact. High-quality event signage attracts attention, it’s used to spark interest to potential customers and promotes your company’s services. Be it indoors or outdoors, from large welcome signs, floor graphics, hanging banners to digital printed wallpaper, these visuals are very important. We have provided some general best practices that you should keep in mind when thinking about your event and exhibition signage.

Signage can help you achieve greater event attendance

Prior to the event taking place, exhibition signage that is strategically placed outdoors can help to raise awareness as it is in the public domain, and therefore will increase consumer reach. Outdoor signage is great for compelling attention and can become an integral part of the overall marketing campaign.

Generates a sense of credibility and legitimacy

Companies that understand the value of good signage will help generate a sense of credibility and legitimacy. Showcasing your sponsors and advertisers throughout the event helps build trust with delegates, whilst also satisfying your sponsors sufficiently so that they provide support in future events.

Engage with the audience

A creative exhibition stand with strong messages and bold graphics can be an effective extension of the sales team – helping draw attention and increase engagement.

Raises brand awareness

Using clear and creative signage helps promote your event and improves brand recognition. A sign that contains a business’s logo can help to reinforce its brand and can be used to highlight current promotions and to convey key information about the business.

Social Media Presence

Events and exhibitions are a great way to promote all of your social media outlets, it can be used to grow your Twitter followers, increase your Facebook fans or expand your network on LinkedIn.  Social media is a great platform to engage with your customers, and to improve your current social presence. Keeping the event hashtag front of mind by featuring it on banners and floor stickers will ensure attendees share photos and experiences throughout the day. The greater the social media buzz, the greater the brand exposure, and the better chance you have at having successful future events.

Directional signage

Ensuring attendees can find their way to and around the event is very important. Poor signage can create frustration leading to negative feedback, something you definitely want to avoid. Using effective outdoor and indoor signage from floor stickers, hanging banners and pole banners with clearly marked directions will guarantee attendees get to where they need to be.

Stand out

The function of event & exhibition signage is to stand out, and It should be used to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Signage serves as a primary link between a business and its customers, so it’s best to get creative!
Wrap it – use a vinyl adhesive to brand walls, floors and poles stand out.
Use see-through graphics – large window graphics which can be viewed from the outside but not affect the view from the inside work really well in large venues.
Define event space – barrier signs are a cost effective way to raise brand awareness or to promote sponsors whilst barricading or designating areas within events.

Have you got all of your signage covered? Whether you need a bespoke exhibition stand, event signage or floor graphics, we have the expertise and experience to deliver it on time and to your budget. We’ve worked with venues up and down the country including Birmingham’s NEC and London’s Excel, get in touch now to find out how we can take your event or exhibition to the next level.