8 Branding Tips For Epic Signage

By Hollywood Monster

March 31st 2016

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the UK economy, Midlands based Hollywood Signs is looking to expand its team to service those in the property market that continue to push ahead with activity.

Branding is essential for all companies, it provides insight into the personality and representation of your brand. Customers are brand loyal, therefore you need to create a brand that customers can easily identify and associate with.

Understanding your customers will allow you to create an effective and strategic branding campaign. Have a think about how customers perceive you from your graphics, logos, customer experience and end product? This blog has rounded up key branding statistics that could help to improve your current marketing strategy and competitive position within your industry.

The Era Of Video Marketing – 80% of all internet traffic will be derived from videos by 2019.

Moving away from traditional advertising forms and engaging with audiences via visual based content. With over 4 billion views per day, Youtube can help brands to access a global network of consumers. Creating innovative and original videos can help drive your traffic and increase your brand value.

Be consistent – Content with relevant imagery gets 94% more views than content without.

Knowing how to capture someone’s attention span is crucial. Text heavy content is likely to get ignored and can be off- putting. Complementing text with relevant high quality imagery can help spark interest in particular with digital content.

Colour Matters – Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80%

Using a consistent brand colour can significantly improve your brand. Colour helps to stimulate both memory and association, we are able to identify bold colours more than black and white images as they are more engaging and attract our attention.

Signage is important! – 8/10 customers walked into a store because of an attractive sign.

For retailers in particular, signage is your most powerful tool for drawing in consumers. Strong, clear and creative signs reflects the qualities needed to produce a visually pleasing and eye catching display.

Be original –  80% of consumers state that the most important factor for brands is authentic content.

Always create content that represents your brand and consumers. Nobody wants to see duplicate or low quality content, focus on originality. This will help attract more consumers and will give your brand a competitive advantage.

Billboards work – 24% have immediately visited a business because of billboard advertisement.

We spend a considerable amount of time on the road, whether we’re commuting to work or travelling between cities. it’s understandable that outdoor advertising is regarded as one of the most effective forms of advertising. Noticed by us all, billboards grab our attention due to their oversize imagery and text.

Cinema Ads –  In 2013 The UK film industry spent £67m on outdoor (posters, buses, tube.. etc) advertisement.

Cinema posters are continuously competing with each other to grab our attention. Businesses need to incorporate innovate techniques, such as digital printing to grab the attention of the passers, encouraging them to stop and view the the ad.

Get networking – 67% of B2B marketers use event marketing as their most effective strategy

Producing high quality graphics from your exhibition stands could promote your brand more than you think. Designing and developing creative displays can help generate more B2B sales.

Is your brand ticking the boxes? If you want to know how epic signage can help your brand then contact our experts today.

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