Why Invest in Illuminated Signage?

We at Hollywood Monster believe that the best way to express your brand is to go big, bold and impactful. What better way to do that than with illuminated LED signage? 

Investing in illuminated signage for your business is an investment worth making. At Hollywood Monster we work to create a custom product with a price that works for you. Illuminated LED Signs are a cost-effective way to literally illuminate your brand and create an impression.

Illuminated Signs and Displays

LED signage displays are a cost-effective way to portray your brand, giving it the wow factor visually.

LED and illuminated signage uses 85% less energy than the equivalent fluorescent version of signage. LED lighting doesn’t require replacing anywhere near as often, making it a more sustainable signage solution. At Hollywood Monster all of our LED illuminated signs come with a 5-year warranty against failure so you’ll be shining bright for a long time!

Who are LED Signs Suitable For?

It’s simple really, if you’re looking to turn heads and gain attraction, LED signs will work for you. Illuminated signage can work for any business, making it an effective way to showcase your brand no matter the industry. Some of the industries we have created LED signs for include:

Are LED Signs Energy Efficient?

LED neon signs (similar to NeonPlus®) are around 80% more energy efficient than traditional neon signs, they use far less power that give off only an inconsequential amount of heat. As they can be made from signage materials that are fully recyclable, they have a smaller carbon footprint making them an energy efficient and eco friendly signage option.

Types of Illuminated Signage

What we love about illuminated signage is that there are so many options to choose from. Whether you want to showcase your brand with illuminated built up letters, or display your menu with a digital board, there will be an option for you. Some of our products include:

  • Digital menu boards
  • Illuminated built up letters
  • Indoor and outdoor LED video walls
  • Freestanding digital posters
  • Digital A-boards
  • Digital advertising displays

Choose Hollywood Monster for Your LED Illuminated Signage

Hollywood Monster is a Birmingham signage company that specialises in providing big impact to your business. Not only is our LED Illuminated Signage 12v and IP rated, it is also sustainable and can be used in damp conditions, meaning that you can create an impact both indoors and outdoors. Our engineers are fully trained in the installation of LED signs and work to industry regulations.

We are providers of every type of sign, including floor graphics, large format print displays, hoarding, large banners and much more. We have worked across every industry, including construction signage, sports stadium signage, exhibition displays and retail shop displays. Speak to our experts today to find out how our LED signage can light up your business and discuss all of your signage options.