What is Point of Sale Signage?

Point of Sale (or POS) Signage can have a huge impact on businesses when it comes to advertising their brand and selling their products. But what actually is it?

As the name would suggest, the point of sale is is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. Point of sale signage not only helps customers during the checkout process but also allows for upselling opportunities right before purchase. There are many ways to advertise with point of sale signage, with options to suit all companies with all sizes and budgets.

Retail Point of Sale Printing

With its very nature, point of sale advertising is often used in retail markets. Customers looking to purchase have already been won, so a point of sale sign can help to further cement that purchase decision and even upsell. It can be used for a range of purposes including:

  • Promoting offers and sales
  • Upselling other products
  • Advertising new products
  • Checkout wayfinding for customers
  • Reinforcing brand value
  • Establish brands within shop spaces

Point of sale signs can vary massively, from small retail displays on the checkout to large backdrops and impressive point of sale window displays. Whether big or small, POS displays can cause a huge impact.

Digital Point of Sale Displays

As well as coming in hard static form, point of sale signage can also be digital. We offer a wide range of options here at Hollywood Monster, including relay information points, outdoor LED banners and LCD stands. Our digital advertising products mean that you can display POS signs at any time, display a variety of creative promotions and update signage as and when appropriate (at the touch of a button). Digital POS signage is real-time and allows for the flexibility that so many brands need.

Digital POS also means you have the option to advertise both indoors and outdoors, promoting your offers to potentially huge audiences. With bold and impactful point of sale graphic displays and signs, you can quickly expand your customer reach and revenue.

Point of Sale Benefits

Whilst there are many options when it comes to retail signage and brand advertising, point of sale displays can be one of the most effective methods. There are many benefits to it, including:

Targeting Specific Audiences

POS displays allow you to create signage that targets niche and specific audiences such as impulse buyers. A well-placed POS display acts as a subtle advertisement and is more likely to have an effect on the customer to buy a product right then and there. Purchases aren’t always planned and POS is a perfect way to capitalise on that.

Saving Money on Advertising

POS displays are a way to communicate your brand as if it was on a TV ad or large billboard, minus the price tag. If you are after quick and effective advertising, POS displays are a great way to make an impact without having to have a huge budget. POS also is also a perfect way to compliment and promote other advertising campaigns that you have running.

Strategically Locating Your Promotions

Point of Sale signage offers versatility when it comes to choosing where and how to advertise your brand. You might be at an exhibition and want a large pop-up system behind your stall, or you might be hosting an event and need A-frames located in high traffic areas. Whatever and wherever it is, POS can be tailored to your campaign needs and goals.

Update and Change POS Signs With Ease

If an interchangeable system that your staff can work on rather than outsourcing contractors, this is possible with POS signage. Changeovers of your promotions and advertising can then be actioned by your staff, saving time and money on expensive signage installers. Our POS solutions at Hollywood Monster can be rolled up and sent in the post, installed and changed with ease. This works perfectly for retail spaces that have regularly changing seasonal campaigns, for example.

Sustainable Signage Materials for POS

Whilst many POS banners are traditionally made from PVC and non-sustainable materials, there is an alternative approach that allows for the creation of environmentally friendly products. We put sustainability at the heart of what we do here at Hollywood Monster – our Kavalan and UFabrik ranges make amazing PVC alternatives and are fully sustainable, recyclable and reusable. Our eco-friendly signage for POS allows our customers to reduce their own carbon footprint without diminishing their advertising quality.

Kickstart Your POS with Hollywood Monster

Hollywood Monster provide a wide range of POS solutions with a selection of products available online to add to your quote, alongside a variety of services to help create a unique POS campaign. Get in touch with us for further information and details!