Westfield Stratford Hoarding

The Launch of Westfield Stratford City

A continued relationship.

After the successful marketing launch of Westfield London, we were incredibly lucky to be asked to work our magic once again on the opening of Westfield Stratford City. We implemented retail graphics and hoarding to create impact. 


Westfield Stratford




Retail Graphics

A hoarding working progress.

Working with the same Construction and Marketing team over a two-year period, Hollywood Monster erected and installed 3000 linear metres of hoarding around the perimeter of the site, liaising with the team to regularly update the hoarding panels with a combination of community messaging and CGI’S of how the scheme will look once complete. These were really well received within the community and goes to show how powerful marketing and proper use of signage and graphics can be.


2 year period installation

3000 linear metres of hoarding

Combination of community messaging and CGI’s


retail hoarding panels