Westfield Stratford Bridge

Westfield Bridge Hoarding

Eco-Friendly Hoarding

After successful trials, Hollywood Monster has found the perfect ECO alternative for this Westfield Stratford Bridge campaign. Our production and installation team worked around the clock to create this MONSTER hoarding advertising, measuring 240m x 4.5m. All produced on our new fully sustainable range of signage materials, with water-based coatings and ZERO PVC content.


Westfield Bridge


Stratford London


Hoarding Advertising
Westfield Bridge Eco Friendly Hoarding

Promoting Renewable Energy

Once removed from site, our PVC free graphics will be sent to our local R1 Incineration plant Veolia in Tyseley. They will then be safely incinerated for renewable energy back into the national grid. Hollywood Monster are continuously striving to divert all of our 1 million sqm printed products from ending up in a UK landfill, promoting our sustainable signage materials throughout.

Westfield Bridge Hoarding Stratford