How Hoardings Can Benefit Your Brand

Hoardings are a multipurpose solution for businesses to advertise their brand, provide practical support to the public and protect sites.

What are Hoardings?

Hoardings can be simply defined as temporary boarded fences or walls in a public place. They are commonly used around construction sites but can also be used for a variety of events including sports events, music events and exhibitions.

Aside from being a practical solution for separating different sites in a designated area, hoardings have a variety of uses and benefits for brands and businesses.

Protect Your Area and the Public

One of the most obvious uses for hoardings are to act as a form of safety and security. Regulations in place for building sites means that businesses must work to prevent unauthorised entry to sites. Hoardings provide a perimeter around building sites and allows for secure access points for workers and authorised personnel.

Hoardings also provide protection for the public, with passers-by near construction sites being shielded from any noise and building activities that may otherwise risk their health and safety. Hoardings also provide privacy for new projects and hides unattractive construction sites in progress.

Advertise Your Brand

Aside from being a form of health and safety, hoardings are a fantastic way to advertise your brand which is why we love it here at Hollywood Monster. Hoardings can have a big impact on the public and is the perfect opportunity to showcase your new project, your brand offerings and your services.

Public places have a high footfall and hoardings can be viewed by thousands of persons every day. If you want more brand recognition and awareness, this is a perfect way to achieve it. Hoardings don’t go unnoticed and it is a great way to create engagement with a range of audiences. Whilst they are often thought of simply as a safety barrier, hoardings are much more. They can create stories to capture the imagination and generate community interaction.

Save Time and Money

Hoardings are a time-efficient, cost-effective way to advertise your brand. Short installation times mean you can create impact quickly and in a variety of ways. They can be reused for different purposes and projects, allowing you to display to a variety of audiences and in different locations.

Advertising and public protection costs can be kept low with hoardings, an alternative to more expensive solutions such as TV advertising and billboards.

Combine Hoardings With Wayfinding

Another practical reason to use hoardings is to double up its purpose and functionality. If you are in need of wayfinding signs, hoardings can be used to provide directional messages and safety instructions. In cases such as these, hoardings should showcase clear, bold messaging that is easy to understand. Hoardings can be used for wayfinding in a variety of scenarios, including:

Design Your Hoardings

Inspired to use hoardings for your brand? Then comes the design. It is imperative that you get this right and ensure you are promoting your business in the best possible way to create maximum impact.

Our hoardings are available in Dibond panels that surround sites. The experts at Hollywood Monster can work within your budget to create an eye-catching, impactful hoarding design. Options are limitless, we can even add LED’s to really make an impression and stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with us today to find out exactly what hoarding you need and how we can bring your vision to life.