Pilot Exhibitions & Events Signage

It feels as if we are finally emerging somewhere from the dark cloud that was covid-19. Social gatherings are getting bigger, hugs are coming back and we can finally sit indoors and outdoors for a pint. Here at Hollywood Monster, one of the openings we have been the most excited about is the running of pilot events. 

Pilot Events in the UK

Back in April, the government announced that they would be paving the way for pilot events hosting audiences as a way of a plan to get bigger crowds back in the summer. The events are planned to be part of the government’s science-led Events Research Programme (ERP), involving the close working together of local authorities and organisers to get the events on track. These studies have been crafted to get fans and audiences back to events safely as restrictions gradually ease.

Positivity of Small Gigs and Stadium Events

Events are one of the biggest steps we have taken back to normality and progressing from the pandemic. Though there is still no guarantee for June 21st restrictions lifting, we are glad to know that events are coming back in. 

One thing the pandemic has taught us is that without crowds, sports events, music gigs and pretty much any event are not the same. Since crowds have returned, the energy and atmosphere of events have been taken to a different level. 

Ahead of the events, culture Secretary Oliver Dowden said:

“Our sports stars and great performers need us to find ways to get bums back on seats safely. This science-led pilot programme will be the springboard in getting the buzz back of live performance. We’ve supported the sports and arts with unprecedented sums, but it’s now time to make that Great British Summer of live events a reality.”

Data from the events that have already taken place have shown that any coronavirus transmission possibilities can be further reduced by introducing factors such as screening and enhanced ventilation. So far the events have been a success, with only 15 people out of the estimated 58,000 attendants testing positive for the virus. Researchers are working hard to better understand how we can safely continue the movement towards normality.

Pilot Event Signage

Exhibition and event signage is an area that Hollywood Monster has been specialising in for many years. In fact, we have well over 20 years of experience in the events and exhibition industry. We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week – ready to take on any requirements you may have for your event displays or exhibition graphics. Our dedicated Project Managers will be there for your event display needs, right from the initial brief, through to design, print and installation. We offer a wide range of signage products, from floor stickers and large banners to LED screens and wayfinding signs

It’s not just about the event signage, Hollywood Monster is constantly innovating materials and sourcing all-new sustainable signage alternatives, allowing our customers to know that their displays, signs and graphics are being kind to the environment. This allows both us and our customers to become more eco-friendly as a whole and be at the forefront of the market today. 

For further information about how we can help you with your event graphics and exhibition displays, get in touch with Hollywood Monster today.